2019 - 2020 Admission Application

Ellis Clark Regional Agriscience & Technology Center

Nonnewaug High School | 5 Minortown road, Woodbury, CT 06798

phone: (203)266-4038 fax: (203)263-5495

There are 7 components to the application:

  1. Student Application: personal information, community involvement, agricultural interests, release of records, expectation agreements

  2. Parent/Guardian Application: personal information, release of records and information, expectation agreements

  3. Counselor Recommendation

  4. Teacher Recommendation

  5. Non-relative Adult Recommendation

  6. Complete Transcripts: all courses taken and grades received over the last two years, credits earned, attendance, standardized test scores, teacher comments, counselor recommendation, PPT/IEP summaries, psychoeducational reports, and any other special education reports

  7. Interview: 30 - 60 minutes in-person, whenever possible, or over the phone

Components 1 - 5 may be completed digitally. Complete transcripts may be faxed to (203)263-5495, emailed to dbrown@ctreg14.org, mailed, or dropped off at the agriscience office. Interviews are scheduled by the Center after application components 1 - 6 are received. All components provide the information required to act on this application. If for some reason the required data is not provided as requested, we will not act on the application. We cannot act on incomplete applications.

The high level of interest in our program has made the admission process very competitive; we typically receive twice as many applications as openings available. Applications will be kept on file for one year only. Those applicants who are not accepted may reapply the following year. Although the program is designed for four years, the Center welcomes applications from students entering grades 10, 11 and 12.

Within the limits of its training facilities and staff, the Center accepts applicants who show promise of being able to gain from skills in agriscience, agribusiness and general agriculture. Applicants’ demonstrated interest in agriculture, community involvement, grades, attendance, behavior and the ability of Nonnewaug High School to provide any required special services are all considered in the admission process.

We appreciate your interest in Ellis Clark Regional Agriscience and Technology Program.

6. Complete Transcripts (fax, email, mail, or drop off to agriscience office)

7. Interview (Arranged by agriscience office after completion of components 1 - 6)