Advisory Council

Agriculture Science and Technology Consulting Committee Guidelines

The consulting committee is a formally organized group to advise the operating Board of Education on matters pertaining to the Regional Agriculture Science and Technology Education program. Those selected to serve are recognized for their knowledge of agriculture, related occupations and education. This body possesses no legal authority. Their task is to advise the operating Board of Education regarding policy, programs, services and procedures related to the regional agriculture science and technology program.

An important responsibility of the consulting committee is to obtain and provide information concerning current and future job needs in the region thereby helping to provide relevant programs and services that fulfill realistic student needs and interests.

Objectives of a Regional Agriculture Science and Technology Education Consulting Committee

  • Link between teachers, agriculture and labor in the state and community
  • Promote public relations
  • Survey occupational needs and assess the skills, knowledge and attitudes needed for entering agriculture and related-occupations
  • Survey and recommend facilities and equipment
  • Advise on curriculum
  • Recommend competent staff
  • Review and evaluate programs and services
  • Support student leadership activities
  • Identify agriculture resources in the state
  • Locate appropriate work-based work-based training sites

The Functions and Duties of a Consulting Committee

  • Formulate and recommend education policy
  • Consider facilities and equipment needed to carry on a program of agriculture science and technology education
  • Advise on who should be enrolled in the agriculture program
  • Serves as a liaison between state Board of Education and local Boards of Education
  • Advise regarding courses to be taught
  • May recommend to the State Board of Education approval or disapproval of items effecting the regional agriculture science and technology program